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Eliminate daily stock headaches forever, with technology that puts you back in control. 

View your stock levels, goods in, and dispatched orders in real time on the move. Integrate your stock management with sales, purchasing and finance to connect your staff, suppliers, and customers for an integrated experience like no other.


Inventory management software trusted by many businesses 

Used by a large number of businesses worldwide, you can be sure we are the right solution for you.
Banish constant fixing and inefficiency
No more spreadsheets, interventions and manual workarounds that slow you down and stifle growth
Run your company on the move anywhere
24/7 access to critical business data and applications on any device
Proven stock control software
Leverage nearly two decades of development in the product for a solution that gives you what need now, and can scale as you grow.

Seamlessly integrates with:

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No more overselling

Quick and accurate fulfilment

Customers informed at every step

Great reviews from happy customers

Inventory management software trusted by many businesses


  • Grow quicker with effective inventory management that eliminates spreadsheets and manual workarounds forever

  • Instantly see how many items are assigned to sales orders, what’s still in stock, and how many replacement items you have on order from suppliers

  • Banish stock counts and impromptu checks forever with stock adjustment tools that help you run partial, full, and perpetual inventory stock takes

  • Synchronise multiple locations and channels so everyone knows what stock is available in real time.
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Quotation marks "Khaos Control Cloud gives us the ability to run a small business with big business functionality "


Phil Tomlinson

Breckland Scientific 


Connecting & Automating Your Operations



  • Gain complete control through automation that connects sales, purchases and inventory with data available whenever you need it
  • Real time financial data driven by sales and purchase transactions, and accurate stock control turns your P&L and balance sheet into dynamic tools to run your company
  • Instantly analyse and act upon your financial data with actual and forecast cost and revenues at the touch of a button

Order & Sales Management

  • Speed up order entry and processing with complete stock visibility across all sites
  • Get instant access to customer data and notes, before, during and after a sale
  • Give sales the power to get the right promotions in front of customers at the right time
  • Automate courier selection based on the order, and instantly calculate the delivery rate


  • Build a 360 view of your customers, including order history, touch points, records of activity, and schedule activities for their next purchase from you
  • Manage your pipeline with weighted quotations and see what’s likely to be booked and track performance against target
  • Immediately analyse sales data and trends and plan purchasing, stock control and suppliers more effectively

Pick Pack & Dispatch

  • Pick and pack right first time every time, and dispatch faster than ever
  • Eliminate manual procedures and interventions that slow you down
  • Take back orders with confidence knowing goods booked in will be automatically released for picking


  • Create, manage, and track customer returns, provide replacements, seamlessly integrated with stock control and finance
  • Get complete trend analysis so you know what customers are returning and why


  • Know what to order, how many, from which supplier and for right price
  • Create supplier orders in a few clicks and banish long lead times
  • Real time stock level updates mean your sales channels always know stock availability
  • Book stock in and expedite back orders automatically, quicker than evetock
  • Create standard re-ordering with safe and minimum stock levels, reorder quantities, default lead time, and preferred suppliers
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Stock Control And How It Impacts You


Business Owner

In order to focus on growing your business you need to be certain that you have the systems and processes in place that ensure that your inventory is being managed efficiently and accurately.


Finance Manager

Without accurate, robust stock control you are unable to trust your figures and provide accurate reporting and forecasting.


Sales Manager

You need to know what’s available and where it is in order to focus on strategy and growing sales. Delivering on the promises that you make to your customers is vital.

Warehouse Manager

Running a smooth and efficient warehouse operation is only possible when you have a robust system in place that allows you to control the movement of stock, both in and out, and across all of your various sites and locations.

Customer Services Representative

Accurate stock control reduces customer complaints. By knowing what is, and isn’t, available you can set expectations up front. No more asking the customer to wait whilst you go and check in the warehouse or confirm with a colleague. Robust inventory management powers clear communication with your customers.


How many times have you gone to pick something and found that it’s not there, or that the last one has already been taken? Putting a stock control system in place removes these problems, whilst bringing further benefits with regards to combining picks, ordering your pick journey and integrating with your couriers.